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ExZeus2 (1.6)

ExZeus 2, a fast paced colorful (retro-oriented) 3D shooter on rails. · By Hyperdevbox


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ExZeus2 1.6 Update
Fix the following : Odd issue with the volume where some sound effects was not effected by lowering the volume slider. Minos always performing the side dodge...
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ExZeus2 1.5 Update
ExZeus2 is download bundled with 3 new continues for every NEW GAME...
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ExZeus2 1.4 Update
Fix an issue when trying to enter a SPACE into the username...
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Update 1.3
ExZeus2 version 1.3 is fixing a bug issue with the overall game difficulty...
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ExZeus2 1.1 Update
Game has been updated to version 1.1 to fix the following : . Issues with HighScore, now the HighScore displayed during the game is the TOP Online Highscore...
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